SpeediShuttle announces the March 1st launch of SpeediShuttleTV on its shuttles to and from the Honolulu International Airport.

February 6, 2013

Cecil Morton, president of SpeediShuttle explained, "SpeediShuttleTV is an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Oahu and the many entertainment, activity and dining options available to our visitors and residents that enjoy our shared ride transfers from the Honolulu International Waikiki, KoOlina, Turtles Bay as well as neighborhoods all across the island. Our goal is to provide high quality, informative and entertaining content featuring the People and Places of O’ahu. This is a wonderful opportunity for our colleagues in the visitor industry to showcase their products and services as we entertain and educate our guests from around the world.”

SpeediShuttle has partnered with Visitor Video, Inc., which has been producing content for Hawai'i visitor television channels in hotels for over 20 years.

Dennis Burns, creative director of Visitor Video explained, “The content will be lively and informative, while offering sponsors an opportunity to premier their messages to visitors immediately after their arrival.”

SpeediShuttle is the official airport transportation service contracted by the State Department of Transportation to transport arriving passengers, without pre-arranged transportation, to their hotels, businesses and homes on the island of Oahu.

The SpeediShuttleTV concept is a collaboration with InMotion Media, a New York based media and marketing company specializing in reaching business and leisure travelers through unique media applications. The two companies connected in 2010 in an effort to promote the services of SpeediShuttle and Arthur’s Limousine to guests at top hotels in Hawai’i via The New York Times TimesDigest.

“SpeediShuttleTV can be compared to in-flight entertainment, with a captive audience, guaranteed sound and a large screen TV,” said Jason Klatsky, president of InMotion Media. "We are utilizing SpeediShuttle's Wi-Fi, which is provided free of charge to all passengers, for remote content updates and geo-fencing in order to display custom messages at any specific location. We are very excited to be working with SpeediShuttle and Visitor Video in making SpeediShuttleTV a reality.”

Soon the entire fleet of SpeediShuttle Mercedes Benz Sprinters will feature SpeediShuttleTV on custom encased 22-inch flat screen televisions mounted above the driver’s seat. “Our goal is to inform, entertain and provide accurate, meaningful information about O‘ahu, as delivered through vignettes about local personalities and places of great character,” said Morton. “The ride from the airport suddenly becomes an integral part of the Hawai‘i visitors' experience.”

About Visitor Video

Visitor Video is passionate about providing modern programming for the sophisticated Hawaii traveler, as well as providing tourism focused businesses with a proven platform to promote their products and services to guests. With over 20 years in the industry, Visitor Video delivers high definition programming to over 30,000 Hawaii guest rooms statewide, and is now proud to be a part of SpeediShuttleTV.

About InMotion Media

InMotion Media was born out of the exciting new demand for reaching business and leisure travelers more effectively. Through digital signage, specialized print publications and sampling opportunities, we reach this growing segment while they are traveling the world. InMotion’s goal is to help you target these consumers along every step of the travel process. From Departure to Arrival, We Have Their Attention.